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Fine powder mixture consisting of brown and red algae to refine and firm the body contour. Gently stimulates the metabolism at the same time.

• Activates the metabolism
• Lifts and firms the body’s contours
• Moisturizing
• Promotes the removal of fluid from the tissue
• Ideal for full body treatment
• Smoothes skin suffering from cellulite
• Provides support during slimming


Cover the treatment couch with film. Mix approx. 250 g mask powder with 300 ml water to form a smooth paste. (Approx. 400 g powder and 500 ml warm water are required for a full body treatment.) Distribute the paste generously over the corresponding areas of the body e.g. using a spatula. Seal the film to form a body wrap and place a warming blanket on top. Time required to work in: 20 minutes. Remove the mask residues thoroughly under the shower or with warm water and warm compresses. When removing, please avoid soap additives and shower products.

Subsequently allow the customer to rest for 10 – 15 minutes (with a cup of herbal tea).

Tip: Heat the mask mixture in a mask bowl in the microwave oven! It is then stroked over the customer’s body skin at a pleasantly warm temperature.

Note: Remove extensive paste residues from the body using a spatula and wipe the residues off on paper or film in order to then dispose of them in the domestic refuse. Subsequently cleanse the skin again with moist com-presses.


Algae complex consisting of:

Laminaria digitata is one of the largest algae found in European coastal waters. The brown algae measures 1-2 meters when fully grown and is comprised of a smooth, flexible trunk and strap-shaped fronds. It adheres firmly to rocks in shallow water down to a depth of 10 meters. Harvesting is carried out from ships on the open sea between May and September. This algae has extraordinary swelling properties.

Fucus vesiculosus is a brown algae with a medium-sized, dark brown thallus (40 to 60 cm) and is found on rocks at medium sea levels. The thallus is interspersed with many air vessels, and lends the algae outstanding buoyancy. Fucus vesiculosus is the only algae which has been included in the official pharmacopoeia. It is extraordinarily popular in herbal medicine, not least because of its particularly high content of trace elements and vitamins B3 and C, which stimulate the body and support its functions. Its high content of polysaccharides lends it its outstanding ability to bind moisture in tissue.

Lithothanmnium calcareum is a marine sediment comprised of a mixture of small, red calcareous algae (2-10 cm). The live algae is red in color. As soon as water is removed from it during the drying process, it becomes white. These calcareous algae belong to the corallinales family and possess a particularly high calcium and magnesium content. These trace elements are especially important for tissue firmness and for neutralizing organic acids.

Rich in minerals, amino acids, vitamins, carbohydrates, trace elements and polyphenols (antioxidants)

Full Ingredient List: Lithothamnium calcareum extract [lithothamnium calcarum powder], algae (lessonia nigrescens) [lessonia nigrescens powder], kaolin, solanum tuberosum starch [solanum tuberosum (potato) starch], CI 77 288 [chromium oxide greens]

Technical details

CONTENT 4000 g
pH VALUE 7.0


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