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Leo Unlimited Inc

was established in 1980 by Colonel Edmund Beck and his wife Jutta Beck. Babor was the first product that Leo Unlimited Inc. distributed in the United States before ultimately switching to the distribution of Janssen Cosmetics. Jutta Beck has a reputation for being a master esthetician in San Antonio, TX and is known throughout the skincare community for her educational seminars. Serving over 25 states in the USA, Leo Unlimited Inc. is the largest distributor of Janssen Cosmetics in North America.


"My new favorite product to use on set and on clients! The Calming Sensitive Cream gives the PERFECT canvas for makeup for all skin types!"


"I love Janssen Cosmetics masks!"


"Always love my Janssen Cosmetics Brightening Cleanser!"


The Skin Care Academy

Leo Unlimited Inc. wants to help estheticians to be the best they can be. In January 2019, we will be launching The Online Skin Care Academy which will offer estheticians free online Janssen Cosmetics training. This Academy opens the doors to train all of your new and existing skin care professional staff on the latest Janssen Cosmetics treatments. Future events will include sales competitions and opportunities for our clients to not only grow their sales but also establish themselves within the Janssen Cosmetics community.


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