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Before using the fragrance lamp, ensure that the bowl is always filled with at least 75% water.

Depending on the desired fragrance intensity, add between 3 and 10 drops of essential into the bowl of water. Use only commercially available tea lights with aluminum cups and ensure that the bowl is always filled with water. Never light a candle under an unfilled bowl!

To ensure the best possible aroma, fragrance lamps should be cleaned regularly and limescale should be removed.

Never leave an incense burner unattended. Ensure that the fragrance lamp is placed on a fireproof, heat-resistant, non-slip and stable surface.

Avoid exposing it to draughts.

Essential oil blend of orange, grapefruit, marjoram and ylang-ylang. Use this at home or in the salon to create a pleasant atmosphere.

Not for human consumption!

Never use undiluted and avoid contact with eyes and mucous membranes


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