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Peel-off mask for demanding skin.

• Inhibits oxidation
• Free radical scavenger
• Prevents photoaging, which is caused by light such as UV light
• Improves the skin’s natural protective functions
• Has an anti-aging effect


1st step: Protect the customer’s hairline (e.g. with paper tissues).

2nd step: Apply an active substance concentrate corresponding to the skin type onto the areas of skin to be treated and press in gently. Allow to work in for a few minutes.

3rd step: Mix the peel off mask. Quickly mix 30 g powder with approx. 90 ml Mask Activator (room temperature) to form a smooth paste.

4th step: Evenly apply the thick mask mixture onto the face and neck or the corresponding areas of the body in upwards strokes using a spatula. Leave out the eyes and mouth (or include them after consulting the customer). Of course, the respiratory tracts always remain free. Allow the mask to work in for 15 – 20 minutes.

5th step: Simply peel the mask off and remove residues with moist mask sponges if necessary.

6th step: Then apply the appropriate care cream.

Note: when the mask hardens, powders residues may occur on the skin in areas in which the mask runs out. To avoid this, simply apply a little care cream along the edges of the mask at the transition to the neck, the hairline and the nostrils.


Alginate: Once mixed and dried on, alginate gives these powder masks a firm, elastic consistency (soft peel-off mask). It also moisturises, firms and tightens the skin

Soya peptides: Hold moisture and nourish the skin

Soya isoflavones: Stimulate cell renewal and impede the enzymatic breakdown of collagen

Goji berry extract: A berry extract that alleviates irritation and protects the skin from free radicals

Vitamin E: Neutralises cell-damaging free radicals and prevents premature photoaging

Full Ingredient List: Solum diatomeae [diatomaceous earth], calcium sulfate, algin, hydrolised soy protein extract, tetrasodium pyrophosphate, glycine max sprout extract, parfum [fragrance] Maltodextrin, lycium barbarum fruit extract, tocopheryl acetate, CI 15 985 [yellow 6 lake]

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CONTENT 10 x 30 g


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